Dilemmas in transit

Imagine that you arrived at the train station very early, yet there is not much to keep you entertained while waiting. Would you dare to take a walk around the block at the cost of missing your train? 

This project followed a dilemma-driven design approach to find out the common dilemmas - such as those illustrated above - that train travelers experience when waiting at a small station. This resulted in Station's Ommetje (a walk around the block) which is a product-service system that nudges travelers to take a relaxing walk in the surrounding of the train station, while also enabling them to make sure that they will be back on time to catch their train.

20609_StationsOmmetje concept-02


Station Ommetje is designed by Marijn Kleijer as part of his MSc graduation project in Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. I supervised this design project, which was collaboratively carried out with Mark van Hagen at NS. All illustrations above are designed by Marijn Kleijer.

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