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How can an understanding of personal dilemmas help increase employee wellbeing? During my employment at the University of Liverpool, I received seed funding to address this question in collaboration with the Women’s Organization, which is the largest developer and deliverer of training and suppport for women entrepreneurs in the UK.

Through two bespoke master classes, staff members at the Women's Organisation were introduced to the framework of dilemmas and its relevance for rethinking their relationship to their work and clients. These workshops led to designing D12 – a quick and simple game inspired by the dodecahedron shaped dice with 12 faces. D12 is a creative and playful way of sharing dilemmas with colleagues over coffee or lunch (or even to reflect on them during me-time). With two dice, a compact game board, and two instructive booklets, the user can discover new ways to manage work-related dilemmas.

D12 was launched in the closure event of the project, which brought together staff members of the Women’s Organisations with wellbeing researchers and practitioners.

Roll and pair the dice to discover your dilemmas and to explore a set of personal strategies to tackle them!

Staff members at the Women's Organisation reported that not only did their understanding of dilemmas increase awareness about their personal and professional dilemmas, but it also helped devising personal strategies to constructively manage these dilemmas. Overall, this project contributed to employee wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of beneficiaries who use the services provided by the Women’s Organization.

D12 is designed by myself and Sevcan Yardim at the University of Liverpool. This project was funded by a Knowledge Exchange and Impact award.

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