Dilemma-finding Toolkit

Do you find it challenging to identify what your client or end-users really want? This toolkit helps to structure such thought processes and conversations in a workshop setting in which designers, end-users, and other relevant stakeholders work together to identify and agree upon a meaningful  starting point for a project.

The dilemma-finding toolkit uses the set of universal human goals as a starting point to formulate dilemmas. This set of goals - such as belonging, creativity, or entertainment - is adopted from the work of psychology researcher Martin Ford and transformed into a design tool to facilitate discussing goals and potential dilemmas that can form meaningful starting points for a design project. 


The toolkit includes 24 goal cards and an infographic that gives an overview of all goals. The instructions booklet provide step-by-step directions to formulate, discuss, and debate potential stakeholder goals and dilemmas.

Email me at d.ozkaramanli[a]utwente.nl if you want more information.


Design with Dilemmas
Değer Özkaramanlı
University of Twente

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