Co-Exploration Toolkit

This toolkit is created to serve as a creativity tool when designers and domain experts work together to identify dilemmas. Co-exploration is a procedure that can be used to collaboratively formulate hypothetical dilemmas in a specific domain. The toolkit includes two sets of cards to facilitate this procedure – these are goal cards and product cards. The card-sets are used in combination with two infographics – Map of Dilemmas and 24 Universal Human Goals. The instructions booklet give directions on two exercises to be carried out using goal cards and product cards, and where appropriate, the infographics.

Please email me at d.ozkaramanli[a]utwente.nl if you want to receive a free digital copy of this toolkit.

Note that this toolkit is one of the outputs of my PhD project. If you feel the need to better understand certain aspects, please refer to my PhD thesis titled Me against myself: Addressing personal dilemmas through design, or its complementary booklet, The Book of Dilemmas for Designers.

Ozkaramanli, D., Desmet, P. M. A., & Özcan, E. (2017). Dilemma Co-Exploration Toolkit. Delft, Delft University of Technology. ISBN: 9789492516374.

Design with Dilemmas
Değer Özkaramanlı
University of Twente
Dept. of Design Production 

& Management, Enschede

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