What’s happening with dilemma-driven design? Keep updated with ongoing and future events!

Noember 2018

LadiesUX and AmsterdamUX communities organised a meet-up event on ‘ethics in design’, where I gave a talk on how moral dilemmas can trigger ethical imagination. It was wonderful to be part of such an inspiring evening with three other speakers and a large enthusiastic audience! Big thanks to the two meet-up communities for organising this event, and Garage in Amsterdam for hosting the event in an amazing location. I hope the audience went home pondering the following:

creativity + critique = ethical imagination

September 2018

Dilemma-driven design moves (back) to the Netherlands!

I am happy to announce that I started a new position as assistant professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands in September 2018! Exploring the richness of dilemmas and improving dilemma-driven design as a design approach still form the core of my research agenda. Check back here for more news on past or upcoming events!

August 2018

Christine Schwobel-Patel and I published our fist co-authored piece on the construction of the ‘grateful refugee’ open access with the Queen Mary Human Rights Review! Read this photo essay here.

August 2018

I organized a workshop on dilemma-driven design for 26 international students from various cultural and academic backgrounds who joined the ‘Design the Future’ track of Curious U summer school at the University of Twente. Learn more about this summer school here and join us in the 2019 edition!


June 2018

Want to learn more about dilemma-driven design and how it can create social impact? Join us on Monday, 18 June at the Women’s Organisation in Liverpool for two inspiring lectures and the chance to meet researchers and pracititioners interested in mental health and wellbeing!

Read more about this event here.




April 2018

Dilemma-driven design visits Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences:Thanks Dr Nazli Cila for hosting this workshop, and the Digital Design MSc students at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for being such engaged and enthusiastic participants! I hope you will continue to discover, define, and tackle user dilemmas!






January 2018

Dilemma-driven design appears in FORM magazine! Text by Jessica Krejci with input from myself:

Dilemma-driven design is an approach that considers emotional dilemmas of people as fruitful starting points for user-centred design activities. This approach has been used to address a wide range of societal challenges such as …




November 2017

Dilemma-driven design in conversation with International Law: A new project has kick-started in collaboration with Dr. Christine Schwobel-Patel (Senior Lecturer in International Law, University of Liverpool). Our talk on  ‘the Ethics of Representation and its Dilemmas: Critical Design and Critical International Law in Conversation’  was part of the workshop Conversations on International Law and Materiality organised by Dr Jessie Hohman and Dr Isobel Roele with the aim of stimulating rich and vibrant engagement with questions of materiality, material culture, and material implications of international law. This workshop was co-hosted by the Centre for European and International Legal Affairs and the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context (Queen Mary University, London).

October 2017

New case study that will bridge dilemma-driven design and the mission of community interest companies receives funding! This project will be conducted in collaboration with three local, social enterprises. We kicked off in December – check back soon for our project page!

September – October 2017

Dilemma-driven design visits Hasselt University, Faculty of Architecture and Arts (ARK) for two inspiring events:

  • ARK research day, on which I gave a lecture on dilemma-driven design to explore how dilemma thinking can benefit neighbouring design disciplines such as architecture, interior architecture, jewellery design, or urban design.
  • Master Seminar day, on which I gave a full-day workshop to master-level architecture students on designing concepts for Fashion Museum (ModeMuseum) Hasselt through focusing on dilemmas of museum visitors.

Many thanks to Dr. Ann Petermans and Prof. Jan Vanrie for hosting me on these two inspiring occasions.

September 2017

DRS SIGWell meets in Hasselt, Belgium

DRS SIGWELL – Design Research Society Special Interest Group in Design for Wellbeing – is an international group of academics who share a common interest: exploring  how design can contribute to personal and societal wellbeing through developing the necessary knowledge and methodologies to support this field. Looking forward to many inspiring discussions in the April 2018 meeting!

May 2017

Ilaria Scarpellini, a TU Delft alumni and friend of the Delft Institute of Positive Design, connects dilemma-driven design to Internet of Things (IoT) in a workshop to celebrate the IoT Day 2017 at the Nexa Center for Internet & Society, Italy.

April 2017

Join our workshop at the 7th Persuasive Technology Conference in Amsterdam (April 3-6).

March 2017

Join my PhD defence ceremony!

February 2017

Do you want to listen to an online keynote that brings together dilemma-driven design and food design?
It was hosted by the 3rd International (and 100% Virtual) Conference on Food Design organized by Francesca Zampollo.

February 2016

Dilemma-driven design moves to Liverpool!