Dilemmas during Teatime

Dilemmas during Teatime

In a multi-stakeholder industry project, dilemmas experienced during an afternoon tea ritual were taken as a starting point to develop new teatime snack concepts for a specific target group. The occasion and the target group for this project were determined by the company that consulted our research group for an emotion-based understanding of their target users. 

In this project, we visited sixteen people during their afternoon tea ritual with friends. The research team identified the main goals and goal conflicts (dilemmas) of target users using a research protocol called Emotion Capture Card (ECC) procedure (see reference below). Based on our findings, the company channeled their efforts to develop new food products and branding strategies that are both innovative and meaningful for the specified target group. 

A selection of these products can be found here (only in turkish).

For more information on this project, refer to:
Ozkaramanli, D., Fokkinga, S. F., Desmet, P. M. A., Balkan, E., & George, E. (2013). Recreating AlaTurca: Consumer goal conflicts as a creative driver for innovation. In D.S. Fellows (Ed.), Brilliant Transformations: Proceedings of Qualitative Research, Valencia, 17-19 November. Amsterdam (NL): ESOMAR.

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