Morning Dilemmas

Morning Dilemmas

In this semester of the Design & Emotion elective course, we explored dilemmas experienced during breakfast time on a regular workday morning. The design brief was to enhance the morning ritual of young professionals through new breakfast concepts, which was provided by Pepsico Inc. in the Netherlands. In the first two weeks, students enrolled in the course became familiar with tools and techniques they could use to design with dilemmas. In the rest of the course, they observed and interviewed target users and generated ideas to resolve the key dilemmas they identified. Below is a selection of inspiring ideas created in this project.

Dare & Share (image on the left) addresses the conflict between “I want to nurture relationships” and “I want to enjoy my personal time.” The design goal was to enable consumers to nurture their relationship while they are having a moment of personal time. The concept is a cereal box that includes a large bag and seven separately packed spoon-sized pockets. Users can leave a small pocket on the kitchen table for their partner as an expression of intimacy after enjoying their personal moment of having breakfast. Designed by Arjen Oenema, 2012.

Break on the Go (image in the middle) addresses the conflict between “I want to have my breakfast in peace” and “I want to be on time for work.” The design goal was to brighten up the on-the-go breakfast experience by using the pleasures of having a breakfast at home. The design is a breakfast box that allows users to pack their cereal, yoghurt and fruit combinations, to eat on-the-go. The lid of the bag opens in such a way that it forms a barrier between the users and their environment, enabling a ‘private and cozy’ eating experience. Designed by Wan-Jen Jenny Tsay, 2012.

One-bite Crunch (image on the right) addresses the conflict between “I want to add surprising ingredients to my breakfast,” and “I want to manage my time in the morning.” The design goal was to create convenient surprises. The design is a box with bite-size cereal balls that surprise consumers with different flavors while allowing them to enjoy their breakfast in an efficient way. Designed by Shannon Chang, 2012.

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