Funeral Dilemmas

Funeral Dilemmas

Visiting a cemetery or attending a funeral can be both awkward and comforting, because many personal concerns are at stake, such as acting appropriately, expressing emotions, or showing responsibility. Although cemeteries possess an important role in personal and community life, their designs do not always support these psychological functions. To address this challenge, I organized three consecutive workshops to explore dilemmas in the context of visiting a cemetery or attending a funeral. The workshops were organized during the Design & Emotion elective course. Thirty master-level design students worked in teams of three or four people to design an intervention that could nurture the experience of visiting a cemetery or attending a funeral using dilemmas as a starting point. Below are some of the dilemmas formulated in the workshops and the design ideas generated that address them:

Memento Bracelet by Pauline Fles, Nina Patsey, and Bas ter Haar Romenij; BringWithMe Stone by Rozemarijn Klein Heerenbrink, Sofia Hnatiuk, Bob van Iersel, and Jaap Meijer; Support Flower by Eva Aussems, Beatrice Chichiarelli, and Samuel Verburg. Illustrations by Freya Ruijs.

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