that Rule Your Life

Dilemmas prevail in everyday life. In fact, psychology research tells us that this is 'the rule rather than the exception' in everyday life. What’s more is that products and services can be (re-)designed to address our dilemmas. For example, an alarm clock can be designed in a way to demotivate lingering in bed on a morning that you may have an early morning appointment.

'Dilemmas that rule your life' is a workshop set-up that I developed to bring a flavor of design thinking to managing everyday choices and dilemmas. In this workshop, you will explore the most common dilemmas people experience and recognize the thorniest dilemmas you experience when making daily choices. Finally, using design thinking, you will develop creative strategies to tackle these dilemmas.

This workshop works very well as a collaborative team activity. It will help you and your team recognize how your everyday environment create or resolve personal dilmmas; and in response to this, how to formulate personal / organizational strategies to creatively tackle these dilemmas.

Design with Dilemmas
Değer Özkaramanlı
University of Twente
Dept. of Design Production 

& Management, Enschede

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