D12. Roll and pair the dice to discover your dilemmas and to explore a set of personal strategies to tackle them!

The goal of this Knowledge Exchange and Impact project was to introduce dilemma-driven design to the practice of non-designers, i.e., staff members at the Women’s Organization, the largest developer and deliverer of training and support targeting women entrepreneurs in the UK.

Through two bespoke master classes, the project participants were trained on understanding the dilemma phenomenon and its relevance for their professional practice. Not only can this understanding increase awareness about personal and professional dilemmas experienced in everyday life, it can also help devising personal strategies to constructively manage these dilemmas. Overall, this project contributed to employee wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of beneficiaries who use the services provided by the Women’s Organization.

One of the main outcomes of this project was D12 – a quick and simple game inspired by the dodecahedron shaped dice with 12 faces. D12 is a creative and playful way of sharing dilemmas with colleagues over coffee or lunch (or even to reflect on them during me-time). With two dice, a leatherette game board, and two instructive booklets, the user can discover new ways to manage work-related dilemmas.

D12 was launched in the closure event of the project, which took place on 18 June 2018 and brought together staff members of the Women’s Organisations with wellbeing researchers and practitioners. Two inspiring guest speakers were the highlight of the event: Steve Flatt (Director at Psychological Therapies Unit) and Sara Ferrari (Founder of Sara Ferrari Design) who talked about Dilemmas of being Human and Wondering What Objects Mean, respectively.

This project was fully funded by the University of Liverpool Knowledge Exchange and Impact Voucher awarded to Dr Deger Ozkaramanli with the aim of building relationships between the University and an external, non-academic partner to support knowledge exchange activities and to achieve longer term impact.