Chocolate Commitments

Chocolate Commitments

This design case started with the design idea, Chocolate To-do List, created by Marc Bayona when he was working as a research intern on the topic of designing with dilemmas. Chocolate to-do list is a product-service combination that gets one’s weekly to-do list printed on different pieces of a chocolate bar so that one can enjoy finishing a task by biting off a chocolate piece. The main goal here is to prevent people from delaying ordinary tasks.

Building on the idea of the chocolate to-do list, I created Chocolate Commitments exhibition for the Positive Design Symposium on 24 May 2013. In this exhibition, the visitors wrote their commitments (big or small, long- or short-term) on a card, packed a piece of chocolate in a small bag, and tied their card to the bag. The visitors were kindly asked to resist eating the chocolate until they fulfilled their commitment.

The comments and emails I received following this exhibition encouraged me to create the first prototype for this project. These prototypes have so far been evaluated with five people.

Chocolate commitments is an ongoing research and design project. In the research part, I collaborate with another design researcher and a food psychologist to understand if incentives, like a small piece of chocolate, can actually enhance the way people engage with personal goals – and if so, what the nature of that engagement is. In the design case, we are redesigning the chocolate concept to make it a feasible product ready to meet you in chocolate stores. Come back to this page to hear more on this evolving project.

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